Hello and thank you for stopping by.  You've reached the stomping grounds of me, Singer/Songwriter, Anne E. DeChant.

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My singing style?  Scott Shriner, of Record Publishing Co. puts it best.

DeChant doesn’t sound like Sheryl Crow. She doesn’t sound like the Indigo Girls, or the Dixie Chicks, or any of the other acts I’ve heard her likened to. She’s a woman with her own distinct voice, her own unmistakable style. She sounds like Anne E. DeChant. And nobody — nobody — sounds like Anne E. DeChant as well as she does. 

My performance style?  The Cleveland Plain Dealer puts it best..

…"Now there's a woman with a fire in her belly"

 My writing style?  I'll give that to Nashville's Scene Magazine. 

... "her songs, enriched by her political consciousness, nail blue-collar grit in a way few writers do, like her stellar mid-tempo country number “Home To Me,” which zeroes in on the perspective of a teenage girl whose family lost their trailer in a tornado.”

It ain't all trailers and tornados though.   There are a few pick up trucks and girls and airplanes too.   There's also the occasional 'silly love song'!  So come on in, traipse around a bit, listen to some tunes, check out my blog for the latest news and revelations (they are vast. Ha!), pick up a t-shirt, a hat, or download my CDs.  And please find a joint where you can come hear me live.   I'm glad you're here.  If I could offer you a cold beer (not a virtual one cause that's as useless as an O'Douls) I would!  

You're beautiful. Rock On!

Anne E.



Singer-Songwriter Anne E. DeChant Releases Ninth Album 

Produced by Mike Severs


   July 27, 2015 – Nashville, Tenn. – On the heels of a successful crowd-funding campaign, award-winning singer-songwriter Anne E. DeChant will release her ninth independent album, “The Sun Coming In,” on September 18, 2015. The collection features 11 new songs, and was produced by Mike Severs (Felix Cavaliere, Don McLean). 


    DeChant’s new album was conceptualized in late 2014, and features the unmistakable lyricism… Read more

CD, Indiegogo Fulfillment, Jill Kase McKenna "Rock Star" Video 

  Good Afternoon to you all,

We're getting closer and closer to the completion of "The Sun Coming In".  I think you'll all be really pleased.  Right now days are filled with preparing all your packages to be mailed out to you in August.  You'll be receiving your perks via email or snail mail depending on your perk.… Read more

"Where Am I" Contest Winner for the week of 7/7/15 

Greg Allen is the winner of "Where Am I"  He was first in with the answer, Progressive Field, Cleveland OH.

Here's the photo shared....

Greg gets a FREE copy of my new CD, "The Sun Coming In" when it releases in September.  Thanks to all of you who played "Where Am I".  Be on the lookout for more chances to win STUFF!

Anne E.

Jumbotron, Jumbo Fish, Tribe Win 

  Well it's just Wednesday and already I've already had a blast.

On Monday I went on a Charter Fishing Trip which was one of the perks of my Indiegogo Campaign  The best part is that it was my mom who grabbed that perk so I got to go Walleye fishing with my mom and dad...Wooo  Hooo!

Read more

Carlos Carrasco, this week's shows, one day left Indiegogo 

  Wow!  Last night I watched Carlos Carrasco come within one pitch of a no-hitter tonight as The Cleveland Indians took on the Tampa Bay Rays.  What a great performance.  And at the games close, after he missed the no-hitter, he was smiling ear to ear.  I suppose that attitude is what makes him great....pitch by pitch, moment by moment, enjoying the good.  It was… Read more

My Cup Runneth Over, Free Download from upcoming CD 

  Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!
$20,000 reached and exceeded.

The Indiegogo Campaign is a complete success.  I've always said I have the best fans in the world and once again, you have proven me right.  So many people have commented on the success of this campaign and while… Read more

Hometown Jelly 

Good Afternoon,

One of the perks on my Indiegogo Campaign is "Hometown Jelly".  This is perhaps the most personal to me as it is a jar of jelly that I will make for you using grapes from the vines of my great grandfather, Edward DeChant.  Two years ago my mother prepared two vines for me from those that are in her… Read more


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Watermelon Wine and the Poetry of Southern Music

Hemingbough Arts Center, 10101 LA-965, St Francisville LA 70775

Award-winning Nashville songwriter Anne E. DeChant teams with Alabama author Frye Gaillard for “Watermelon Wine: The Poetry of Southern Music,” a unique program of reading and song. In his award-winning book, Watermelon Wine, Gaillard maintains that great songwriters, like DeChant, explore the depths of the human heart with all the subtlety and feeling of our finest novelists and poets. Gaillard will present brief readings from his works, setting the literary context for Anne E.’s all-acoustic rendition of her songs. DeChant and Gaillard have appeared together at such diverse venues as Belmont University, Kimbro’s Pickin’ Parlor in Franklin, TN, the University of South Alabama, Satori Coffee House in Mobile, AL, the Barking Spider in Cleveland, Ohio, and the Lakewood (Ohio) Public Library. More performances are scheduled for 2015.



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