Hello and thank you for stopping by.  You've reached the stomping grounds of me, Singer/Songwriter, Anne E. DeChant.

My singing style?  Scott Shriner, of Record Publishing Co. puts it best.

DeChant doesn’t sound like Sheryl Crow. She doesn’t sound like the Indigo Girls, or the Dixie Chicks, or any of the other acts I’ve heard her likened to. She’s a woman with her own distinct voice, her own unmistakable style. She sounds like Anne E. DeChant. And nobody — nobody — sounds like Anne E. DeChant as well as she does. 

My performance style?  The Cleveland Plain Dealer puts it best..

…"Now there's a woman with a fire in her belly"

 My writing style?  I'll give that to Nashville's Scene Magazine. 

... "her songs, enriched by her political consciousness, nail blue-collar grit in a way few writers do, like her stellar mid-tempo country number “Home To Me,” which zeroes in on the perspective of a teenage girl whose family lost their trailer in a tornado.”

It ain't all trailers and tornados though.   There are a few pick up trucks and girls and airplanes too.   There's also the occasional 'silly love song'!  So come on in, traipse around a bit, listen to some tunes, check out my blog for the latest news and revelations (they are vast. Ha!), pick up a t-shirt, a hat, or download my CDs.  And please find a joint where you can come hear me live.   I'm glad you're here.  If I could offer you a cold beer (not a virtual one cause that's as useless as an O'Douls) I would!  

You're beautiful. Rock On!

Anne E.


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Nov. 20, 2014, Holiday Sale, Oh Canada, Peace and Quiet 

Brrrrrr!  Coming to you from a snowsuit in windy, snow covered Ontario!

Good morning and Merry Christmas!  Ha!  I know a lot of you cannot stand the cold and snow but I must say I love it!  It has always given me a sense of well-being, like the Tonight Show or Modern Family....Maybe it's memories of the snowy winters of the 1970's and waking up on my own (not my mom's voice or at 7am) knowing that school had been cancelled once again.  That has to be one of THE BEST feelings ever!  Can I get an Amen?  I'm… Read more

What are YOU doing tomorrow night (Friday, Sept. 26, 2014)? I have and idea…. 

Good Morning.  You're beautiful. 
What are YOU doing with your hard earned Friday night?  I have an idea…. Anne E. DeChant @ Barking Spider Tavern
(11310 Juniper Rd., Cleveland OH  44102)
Friday, Sept. 26, 2014
No Cover-pass the Hat

Join Anne E. Pete, and Kelly.  Hear some new songs, sing along with some favorites, and enjoy the antics. 
Special guest, award winning author (and co-writer of Anne E.'s, "The Sun Coming In" and "Go Get Joe"), Frye Gaillard http://fryegaillard.blogspot.com , will share… Read more

*September 2014 Newsletter, "Super Moons and Whirlwinds" 

Good morning!  I hope you’re living inside a great day wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

Summer has “begun to soon descend, like the sun into the sea” (Kris Kristofferson, “Feeling Mortal”) and fall has risen like a harvest moon….

Harvest Moon, Sept. 8, 2014, South Union, KY Photo by Lynne Thomas.    COURTESY OF WWW.JRN.COM http://www.jrn.com/newschannel5/galleries/September-Harvest-Moon-274478341.html  


Friday night after going to see the wise and wonderful Mr. Kristofferson @ The… Read more

GG9 Opening Ceremonies 

How much fun it was to come home to such a welcoming family!  We loved being at the start of something great, for our community and for the larger Cleveland-Akron community as well.  

Early Morning Sound Check
 Think we're ready for the night!


Old Trucks kick ass! Get "The Worth of Water" written by Anne E. DeChant and Jon Roniger 

"looked like grandpa's flatbed Chevy (I KNOW ITS A FORD!....but U GET the idea eh?) chrome and forest green...." From the song, "The Worth of Water" written by Anne E DeChant & Jon Roniger. Download now. (from July 14, 2014 @ 10:54pm till July 15 @ 10:54pm pay what you want.)   Scroll to bottom of this or any page to see music player and click »| till you find it. Enjoy AWESOME friends! Thanks Greg's Automotive (Nashville TN) for having such cool trucks and cars for me to dream about. 

What a great week/weekend. It's all about the music 

I'm always amazed how great it feels to sing songs I've written, enjoy the great talent of the people I work with and connect with the beautiful people who give me the time of day and let me tell them some of my stories through music.  It truly is THE universal language!  

Thanks to all of you who came out to Natalie's in Columbus to hear me introduce some of my new material and get my sea legs so to speak.  Loved hearing RJ Cowdery and J. Scott Franklin (check them both out!).  

An awesome night at THe… Read more

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Anne E DeChant Day After Christmas at The Spider

 —  —

The Barking Spider, 11310 Juniper Rd., Cleveland OH


Join Anne E., Kelly and Pete for our annual "Day After Christmas at The Spider" show. A cozy, hip beer and wine spot complete with warm fire and great music.

Pass the Hat


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