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Hello and thank you for stopping by.  You've reached the stomping grounds of me, Singer/Songwriter, Anne E. DeChant.  

"DeChant is our wake-up call to all of the possibilities found in songs and stories when they're told with integrity, honesty and heart.  She is what the future of Americana music needs to

be in order to endure."

    -No Depression, Terry Roland

"There's virtue in honesty, and in intuition, and in openess, and in tough-minded decency.  Those things may or may not make for fine art.  In the hands, heart, and voice of Anne E. DeChant, they may, they might, and they do."
-Peter Cooper, editor, Country Music Hall of Fame

“'Fly Away' is so poignant and well written it ought to be a huge country hit for someone."

           -Cool Cleveland, Anastasia Pantsios




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Anne E., Michael Kelsh and Kelly W
right perform "Water In Whiskey" at VivaNashVegas Radko Show, Franklin TN Oct. 10, 2015

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Help a dog.  Help a person.  Help all of us be safer.

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Purchase a 'Go Get Joe' t-shirt for $14.99 ($17.99 for XXL and XXXL) and $5.00 will be donated to Canine Performance Sciences Puppies in Prison Program.  Canine Performance Sciences at Auburn University pairs puppies with inmates who assist in the training of those puppies.  Using Vapor Wake Technology™, puppies are trained to detect explosive materials, in particular, those being transported bodily.  The inmate training program has proven hugely successful and is now placed in 6 prisons.  

One inmate who was introduced to his puppy began to cry.  When asked why, he explained....He hadn't touched a dog in 40 years....

Now's your chance to help a puppy, help a person and help us all....Purchase your 'Go Get Joe' shirt now.   You can choose to add to your gift by pressing the donation button below.
Thank you for this most important purchase.  We appreciate you!

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Winner of "Where Am I", Holiday Sale, Mailing List members Discount 

Good morning and welcome new mailing list members.  Enjoy your free download of "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"from mine and Pete Cavano's Christmas CD, "One Voice, One Guitar Volume I" 

(If you are a mailing list member you have a free download in your inbox.  To sign up for my mailing list and enjoy member perks, visit

Thanks to all of you who played "Where Am I".  84% of you were correct! 

Here's the answer.... 

Selma Alabama 
Old Live Oak Cemetery 

Visitors who stroll…

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"Where Am I" Contest Hint 

Ok, this is from over a week ago.  An additional hint would be in my past touring schedule. 

Tell me, based on this photo, where I am, city and state.  The photo is a bit obscure and I have a more obvious one, but I'll start here... 

I need a hair cut!

Mailing list members receive this hint 20 minutes earlier than social media. Sign up for my mailing list at

First person with the correct answer wins a prize to be announced on Tuesday Nov. 29th. 

Thanks for playing "Where Am…

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Puppies and me Giving Thanks for YOU! 


Wishing you a wonderful evening and a Happy Thanksgiving.  

Welcome new mailing list members.  All members enjoy your free download of my song, "Go Get Joe" below. 

On Wednesday I wrote out a check for $1520.00 to Canine Performance Sciences at Auburn University.  CPS is the group I've been telling you about for almost a year now at my shows after I sing "Go Get Joe"....a song about a prisoner and his dog Joe.  The program trains puppies to sniff out explosive materials to help keep all of us safe.  CPS…

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See Anne E. in Mobile Bay this Weekend 

Good morning, 

I'm in your neck of the woods with a couple performances.  I hope you'll fit me into your weekend plans.  I'd love to see you again.  Plus I have some new songs to share with you. 

Last night Frye Gaillard and I enjoyed so much performing, "With Music and Justice for All" in Selma for the lovely people at "ArtsRevive".  What an awesome space that is being created at the Carneal Center, which was actually an auto service station.  Through hundreds of volunteer hours, ArtsRevive has…

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What Matters Most, Get your FREE drink ticket now! 

Good Afternoon, 

Tuesday night and yesterday were tough for some of us and happy for others. 

I spent most of yesterday wandering around trying to think about what to pull from this latest election.  Then, late last night as I lay in bed, it occurred to me, that I should just focus on my own corner, take care of my family, my friends and my neighbors. 

I still couldn't sleep so I began to read some online articles, something I had avoided all day. 

I found the following beautiful article.  Please take…

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Thank you Cleveland Indians, Big Show at Akron Civic Theatre Nov. 11th 

Good morning and welcome new mailing list members.  Please enjoy (or tribe fans cry to) your free download of my song, "Swing". 

Tribe fans, it's a hard day today I know.  What a whirlwind we went through last night and what a hard one to take.  It was a GREAT series!!!!!  I'm so proud of our Cleveland Indians.  Don't you admire them so?  I'm always amazed at their ability to have fun playing the game in spite of being behind or under tons of pressure.  You'll see them standing on second base talking to an…

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Win a gift from the road NOW, play "Where Am I" 

Good morning. 

I'm on the road performing and wanting to share some of the experience with you.  Look at these photos and tell me where I am (where I was yesterday morning), city and state. 

The first to answer correctly, gets a gift from the road. 

Please note that mailing list members get this message 5 minutes before non-members AND, you all have my schedule in my last email to help you. 

If you've won "Where Am I" in the last 3 months, then please answer but let us give the prize to someone who has…

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Show Cancellation, Contest Winner, House Concert On! 

Good evening one and all. 

I need to let you all know that my show on Public Square that was scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled due to rain....BOOOOOOOO! 

BUT, the house concert is on regardless of weather and everyone is invited!  Aren't they awesome?   
So go to: 

Deb and Jen's  
2889 Fairfax, Cleveland Heights OH 
  Friday Sept. 30 - 8pm 

Now that the earlier show is cancelled we will start our house concert at 8pm.  That way those of you who want to head home a little earlier after a long work…

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American Fest., What Do You Want, The Barking Spider...cry cry cry.... 

Good afternoon to all of you and welcome new mailing list members.  Enjoy your free download (see below) of "Effort of the Spin", a blast from the past. 

This week is Americana Fest. week in Nashville.  I've been attending lots of workshops and I have to say each one has affirmed my belief that people really want to hear this music, these stories, these confesssions and the best way for me to make that happen is to keep doing what I'm doing: stretching out into the small towns in this red, white and blue…

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Tonight Sept. 17 @ The Skillery Nashville TN, "Watermelon Wine and the Poetry of Americana Music" 

Hey everyone in Nashville and those visiting this weekend, I'd like you to come and see an awesome multi-media show this Saturday at The Skilleryin Germantown.  I'll be there with award winning author Frye Gaillard, singer/songwriter, producer and Country Music Hall of Fame editor, Peter Cooper and singer/songwriter, Fayssoux McLean.  We'll be sharing our originals along with some Merle, Emmylou and Woody! 

For you DIY musicians looking to supplement your regular gigs with an additional show, something new…

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